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The Web Ranger Rides again....

Getting the Ball rolling again.

Reflection on a few days and gearing up for the new year....

Making room for a new room

Merry Christmas

One just never knows.....regaining some self back

Winter Solstice today

seeking direction and sending out good thoughts

Great email news....

One of those days......

Of service today

Three Crows has just flown the roost

A new layer about the creative process

For those that might be interested....

A full jar and much gratitude

Winters Blanket is spread upon us this morning

In the News....Chicago Gallery News

Packed and ready...road trip into City.

Week 6 sense of abundance

Some more news....

Pulling out the display...

Why oh why do I do this to myself

Where should I start.....?

Almost had a melt

Some friends and big new watch

Where to?

A bit of video taping I really starting to believe them?

What I wanted, isn't what I got, but I have what I need.