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A few things I would like to make connections about...

J2Gallery, Milwaukee Ave. Chicago IL

Day 2 of the Watermedia workshop at Naperville Art League

Heading out to Sugar Grove today

Photo's now words Later~

Watercolor media Workshop this weekend...

Nation Collage Society Postcard Exhibit

All is Well- White Flower Moon

just some ramblings...and solidering through

Comfort in knowing I have everything I need

When plans change we adjust...

Sandhill cranes, gardening and studio time...

No Pictures but a really eventful night

Mini collage workshop for West Suburban Artist Guild tonight 3/18/2011

Mixed Media Mash-Journal and collage classes

Shoreline Series

Going deeper...but still floating, plus some artistic conversations.

The paths we pick or is it the path that pick us?

Nature always has her way with me...

Walked many miles and did a road trip too