One of those days......

I didn't sleep well at all last night...
Helping the neighbor is one thing...but when do you cross over and tell her your not to be driving and your to be resting? 

Yesterday I do my little service work and dropped her off and then later after the snow stopped my husband was coming home for work (he knew I was helper her and it was surgery on her eye) Well He drove by her house on the way home and noticed that her car was gone...then a while later my youngest daughter saw her in the parking lot of church.

When I got home from the things I was doing they shared with me what they saw...I was stunned...she heard the nurse and I also share with her that I would be back with some chicken noodle soup and all would be OK get some sleep...

My daughter was like Mom I wasn't sure but then when I looked again and see the eye patch I knew it was her...

My daughter asked me this morning If I called her out on this...and I sad I didn't...when do you cross the line and be in charge of someone else life when there not your family and you thought they would listen....? 

My little holiday drama...I was just sharing, how the holiday is simple this year...well shut my mouth now because it's just getting back into a bit of crazy....We aren't that close but we do help each other out...kind give each other space and not get to nosiy.  I offered to take her to her eye doctors appointment this morning...not sure if I'll call her out on this driving thing....she's a craft one...

otherwise....some excitement/drama has enter

Off to tend to daily-ness and what every else pops out.

One things that I was thinking is it's one of the hardest things to do is take care of yourself and the next hardest thing is to ask for being away in the elders might be something I'm going to have to be in-tune to as of asking if they need it instead of waiting.  And one more thing is the ability to drive and when that privilege is gone most feel their independence is gone too... as of can't come and go as you please...all things we take for granted.


  1. I don't think you're crossing the line to ask her not to drive until she's healed. Somebody should say it, I imagine she'd forgotten that the nurse told her not to. Just a little reminder that you're hoping she'll still be around for a few more years.

    1. Oh I mentioned it to her yesterday and she has checked in to the local senior service for help and they have people that can help them get out and about...which is great. When I shared with her about my concerns of driving...that best not to do that now...she said Oh she's scared now to do it...which like I said she's a crafty old biker babe and tough as nails, has totally depended on her self for many years. so not to drive and get around is really hitting her hard...

  2. My man and I are knee deep in a helping situation here too. It is water you need to tread lightly in when you are a deeply giving loving soul, as the tides can come and suck you under easily ! I am grateful that it is the two of us so we can check in along the way, to make sure the other guy is still treading well. :) But the giving in the end does feed the heart's purpose, doesn't it ? We just have to remember to keep ourselves on the top of the list of those we give to ! ;)
    Be well, Awesome One !

    1. You're a really special soul....I hear you on all side of this...and grateful for you comment and support. Hugs lady.


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