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Collage Workshop-Waubansee Community College

On to the next day......

Monday Morning with a list a mile long

Going through some adjustments

Making some books today

It's time to move on.

Played hooky for the chore list yesterday

McCord Gallery-Collage Collective

New day.... weather changing again oh spring

Paper Bundles Collaborative Reception

Paper Bundles Collaborative Exhibit today!!

Stay commited to you work and life-Gratitude

Scrambling and not with eggs

Filling the day and filling the form

Half the list is done... whao

My Day Monday

Weekend is almost done

Dillman's Mid Winter Festivals of Arts Today!!

My new home away from home Whispering Woodlands

Road Trip to Wisconsin

Art Life and the good stuff inbetween

New wheels for the mobile

Paper Bundles Collaboration Exhibit

MCS meeting and fast thinking.

Art, Life and the stuff in between

Showing off the art and the class