Winter Solstice today

The only Irish stone-age cairn to be excavated. The interior is aligned to the sunrise of the winter solstice. (21-22 Dec.) The triple spiral is carved on a stone at the entrance.

The Newgrange Tri Spiral
The Newgrange Tri Spiral dates back some 5000 years and is probably Ireland's most mythical symbol. This ancient stone carving was uncovered at Newgrange Co.Meath having been buried for centuries. Each spiral represents the male the female and the child and their life's path. It had deep significance in the Stone Age era in their quest to understand the mysteries of the existence of the Universe. Today the Tri Spiral continues that fascination and leads us to believe that life is all too short but very precious. One must do their utmost to bring love laughter and friendship to those who we love and cherish because who knows what the future will hold. It is said in the 'fables' it brings good fortune to the wearer.

I was drawing a blank this morning as of what post on the blog...still having to do a bit more gathering and wrapping and passing out some holiday cheer...I've had to shut my active brain down for this all...I want to write a goal or good intention list for next year already and get plan of attack so to say but that's puts things on a forward motion but what I forget in doing this is what's happening now...with family, friends and the time of celebrating the holidays.

Keeping it simple an allowing the cycles to move and spin as the need to....all will be all right in the end...


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