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this bookbinding cradle can be taken apart and will travel well.
Between laundry loads this morning I measured and cut the board to make a bookbinding cradle.  I  know I have tons of them now from what the husband made me for the class but I wanted to see what and how it would be like to make my own from the book board. I found the image on line and that lead me to the Paper Chipmunk blog..  and from there you can see how to build one yourself...kind of cool.  I wanted to make sure I had this done for the class so couldn't help myself and had to be in the studio today, didn't feel like creating art so to say...before I knew it I was talking about 45 degree angles and such....then the husband was pulling out some of his fancy tools and then It started to get way over my head...keep it simple for this gal...ruler and pencil and off I go...Really what I'm doing is avoiding going shopping....just don't want to today.  


  1. fab ist this idea-- have to check it out or better ask my hubby to make such a wooden thing you showed... I am shure he is faster with this than I with that

    what are husbands for?

    1. I know the husband said he enjoyed building them for me....I have a few other projects for him soon...they need to be needed and I to need to know I have a purpose or can be of service some where...

  2. I like that you did that, makes the whole lesson seem much less costly. Don't you shop online?

    1. Might not be enough time if I order something and the things I have to get easy to get in the local neighborhood.


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