Making room for a new room

On Christmas day night the Husband got called around 10 pm to snowplowing and didn't get home till the early morning about 3:30 ish yesterday.   While he was out he had an moment of Good Orderly Direction and shared with me that he's starting the new down stair bathroom. (Been around this area before)  Now I'm not saying this man is a procrastinator but there's been moments...not all due to him.  Usually it's having the space cleaned out (as I've been using it to store the art gear like tent, display panels etc) Well I've had that cleaned out now since my Red Dot Sale...just a few things in there which I'm sure I'll be getting out of there today.  Or the other things that holds us up is Money....which come to say is still holding us up but we are going to take the plunge and see what's been blocking the way to finish this homestead of our way to long...not no more.

So now we had to go to our local big Menard's hardware store and look around. Huge one in Hodgkin s Il.  We are going to put a stand up shower in this bathroom so we can make our room down stairs a bit bigger by bumping the closet out...well I could go on about that all but the thing is he's doing it....plunging in and start on the's kind of exciting as I've shut down on all the remodeling stuff... because ever time I got my hopes up it never happened...  Now I could be doing that again but I think it's different as of plans are being drawn up and serious measurements are being taken.  It could be really happening.

Had to go and step into these shower stalls to see how we fit and how it work with the space. Believe it we both stepped in to see if it would fits us...I keep thinking of camera's watching us in the store...this crazy people, must have been a site...we where laughing our heads off...was kind of old days of doing this.  So as we repeat the same steps as last year around this time...talking about finishing up the house...we are really doing it, and I get to look now and see what I like...heading to pintrest first and finding some cool ideas for things...not sure where I'll be going with this but the next things is to pick out the tile that will be in the shower stall area, then that will direct me to the other things I'll be looking for...Color of the tile is what I'm looking of what do I really like and what can I live with for a long time....hard choice.

I'm heading to the woods today and then finish up writing for my three piece that got picked for the Incite 2 book.   Much to do changing over of paper work for the business, end of year chores...I still do it old school...that is of keeping records in a big ass binder and clear pocket sleeves to hold the receipts and all..  and got a bug up my butt to with cleaning out clothes draws and the closet two bags for good will which I'll be dropping off today.

Making room for more good stuff...


  1. wishing a happy and successful New Year Laura!
    We are at the same level with the HOME
    ..we have to do so much work here ..
    our renovation is sticking since weeks...
    there were always other things to do..
    that's LIFE ..

    We could be so proud of our darlings..
    the best handyman ever!
    Building a wonderful unique nest for us!


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