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Setting up a new Inventory system

Sorting and holding fort

Sunday Breakfast

Arts Alive Program in Addison IL

Why is it ....

Late morning post...

Stumbled upon this.....Respect for each other

Firedance- Second dance

Studio time today....just finished

Sharing a passion of mine...

The Winged ones from the Pow Wow yesterday...

19th Annual Harvest Pow Wow in Naperville

Artist Way Starting soon~

making changes

Cradle, hickory nut and the Shrew

The coyotes are present

heading to the woods....

Hump Day....

running behind....

Rain and a bowl of cereal

Last Day

sharing a bit of pure creative passion and love in the end it will be alright...

Afraid to Ask the Big Quesiton....Laura are you quitting?

Taking a moment.....

Calendars are in

Sticking with the Red this week

Time.....showing it?

Stuff that's been happening.....full cup

What's Being Raw got to do with it?

A Best in Show

So what is it?

Finding a dress...yikes

Added some new stuff.....

Woulda, Coulda, Shoulda