Some friends and big new watch

 Cindy and Dawn

I'm sure there's a few others there, but these artist I know personal or have shared booth side with in the past couple of years.  I traveled down to the One of a Kind show yesterday and really had a great time...though it's wonderful to share what you see, like and dislike in the creative world it's much better to do it alone though.  I didn't have to answer to anyone or wait...selfish but to take it all in and still be able to drive home what I was concerned about. All to worried for home and didn't do much afterwards because I get a bit mush minded...need to let it all settle.  oh my personal little drama...

So I was wearing some thing I like to wear and that was some leggings, boots and a turquois dress and my turquois bird earring from my niece Katie.  While I was there....I walked an when in for the stuff I was attracted to. And this spoke to me and then I touched it and before you know they were putting it on my wrist...and It told them you know you have me now that I touched it....and well as you can see I have a new watch...I lost my watch some years ago, only to find it behind my big fish tank...(must of fell off when I was cleaning it...why I didn't know then, has me wondering too)  So I wanted I thought a big faced watch from a man size watch. big and honky. I could find it till yesterday. This watch is wood foundation that is cut and carved with wood back ground and the hinging parts too are word and the big leather band and in turquois.   So I treated myself with this watch.  Happily wearing it today while I head out to the post office, bank and some food shopping to make a great soup I had at my art tribe meeting. 


  1. seems as you had have much fun at this show!

    happy weekend Laura!

  2. Looks like some great booths! The watch is perfect!

  3. heading back today and going to observe the flow of people and what there attracted to as of jewely, 2-d or 3-d.


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