Winters Blanket is spread upon us this morning

 Morning it is so awesome....the snow coming down and it so fresh and white...feelings of great comfort are upon me or I think I call it abundance. Where I sit this morning I have a warm home, health, loving companion to share life with and some wonderful adult children all trying as hard as they can to do the next right things for their future.

My concept of a larger presence in my life and the Artists Way Week 6 with abundance has me aware and open.  In creating my artwork there is such similarities that I've been following all along.  Every time I have doubt and wonder what I should do...there is a moment of desperation and a feeling of despair then all of sudden something happens...I don't usually do anything but put myself through a mental emotional hell but it always works out.  Almost like I should be telling myself..." Hang in there change is coming"  

The sense of Abundance that Julia Cameron has us look at  makes sense to me is "The sense that life is rooted in a safe spiritual world."  Coming from a place like that may sound all hooky but when I'm in a mindset like that....more things happen as I never wood have planned it and in fact even better.  Though the journey through any given moment aren't  the brightest or whites they are moments that afterward create this sense of great abundance. Learning, richness and a great sense of enlightenment and awakening.

Well I just got done sharing this Yesterday to someone...As of direction and knowing...I do know and understand I have a larger presences in my life...some day's it just God...or Oh My GOD, or Higher Power and then there are moments of Great Spirit but this presence has a plan for me....and sometime this big plan for the day is catch up on tending to the homestead....and when I realize that's the plan I settle into it nicely....Than there are days when I really want to know the plan now, right now please! Give me the map and let me follow it to the tee.  But most days I am in a sense of safety and trust with the plan he has for me...and not knowing the whole picture, but I get hints and nudges in my morning pages, while I walk in the woods or just sitting with tea in the afternoon. On what I'm really suppose to be doing with my life and art....keeping them's such a part of my life it would be hard to stop the dance they do together.

Rooted in a sense of abundance with spiritual wishes...on this winter wonderland day,

Off to be part of a Holiday Art Bazaar with some great artist all trying to do the next right thing with their art... 


  1. Appreciating the many blessings. Nice reading.


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