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Beautiful Women, a day spent with them

Touched by a group of women.

Second Weeks Assignment Composition in Collage Class session 3

working out a composition with Collage Sketching

Getting back into the swing of things

The Winner is.........

The Drawing Begins Today,to win a book by Mary Beth Shaw

Rainy day and hanging out in the studio this afternoon

Getting some focus and ready for what's ahead.

journaling and demo-ing

Display Panels are completed

Took the day off

Walking in the Woods

Collage Art Movement

Pearls of wisdom

Composition in Collage class today...

Monday New week

Art for "Week of Art on Create Mixed Media

Facades Tonight LaGrange Art League

Patterns in life and art, and forgot my paints...

Number 8

Doing some experimenting or pushing myself out of the comfort zone

A bit scatter in thought

A wave of good news~

Back in the Studio

Oh you can tell Spring is here...

Updates updates updates.....

Hit the dog park