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Being called a Martyr

work in the studio today

Breaking away for a while...

5th Outdoor Studio Exhibit-Laura Lein-Svencner

some ups and downs...and we move on

More busy work...and to Music...

Busy work....

to fill the void or not to fill the void

So Today.....

Flags on Exihibt

Orderly control today...that's what the Horoscope says

Getting back in the groove

Everyone has something~

Heading to the Woods

Article in the Doing's Newspaper-Creative Prayer Flags LaGrange Art League

group shot-Naperville Art League's Intuitive Collage 3 day workshop

Still more from Day 3 Intuitive Collage Workshop-Naperville Art League

Day 3 of Collaging continued....

A full day to COLLAGE!!! Day 3