A full jar and much gratitude

The Jar is chalk full and soon we will open this up on New Years Eve or New Year's morning and open and read them... I'm not sure how this will work out, it started off as one of the things I wanted to bring in as a new tradition. I think I've been the only one putting good deeds and good things that have happened over the year in the Jar.

For the past Month I've been preparing for the Holiday Art Bazaar at 4 Art Inc, Gallery. Yesterday during the snow falling was the event.  I'm really thankful for this whole event , It's pushed me to get some images on cards, it pushed me to make about 14 journals and I've sold half of them which is a wonderful surprises.  And with these journals I've given myself the nudge to teach a class in Coptic stitch journaling and the husband helped with his hand work and made some awesome wood bookbinding cradles. I've also got the hint to explore my next series by putting my Tack Down Tuesday piece on the wood panels. Which is nothing supper special or ground braking but the 8 x 8 wood panels worked out great for my Tack down's...Which I went and had prepared hearty 13 for the event.  Gave me a good understanding of how they will work and what I need to do that with.

On top of this all the inspiration to create a new series is exciting I just have to wait till the product/wood panels comes in, there on back order.   Which is all well and find as now it's time to do my holiday gift finding and wrapping and getting a bit of baking done.

So things were a bit slow for the Event yesterday it was it's first time and all the right things in order and even publicity, we all were going against mother nature though and you know never to put of a fight...always go with the flow on that....that's why I'm reflecting on how the Whole process turned out and I feel it turned out well. I'm very grateful for the journals and card sales. 

Now today it's early but my mind is up and read to put something in to action....but the best something is grounding being home and feeling the luxury of safety and warm.  My homestead needs me and I need it...sound crazy, I'm really happy that it needs me to clean it, cause I need it to keep me grounded and balanced...the sorting, wiping and cleaning of surfaces and ending up with some open spaces where laundry baskets were piled up and other items from so many dump off as we all walk in and out. 

There were some really interesting things I read this morning I thought I would share...

I am always in the process of beginning, requiring only time and cultivation to develop. from my wabi sabi book

If you don't know where your going....any road will do. from Alice in wonderland.

For artists and the new year of setting goals Know what you want in life....each week you only have 168 hours to work with, how are you going to work them towards what you want.   Weed out, make choices, and remember it is for you no one else... which is hard for artist he says to think this way because we are all in the creative mode and trying to figure out how to get work on the drawing board so to say with any money and circling with many other life issues... but it's ultimately us that has to do the work so back to 168 hours a week...what are doing with that time for yourself. 
 from Jason Horejs - RedDot blog

OK well you can see where my inspirational reading comes from...all angles and different spectrums of the world,  just things I stumble upon and what weeds it way in for the day...



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