A new layer about myself....in the creative process

Stand Tall, 24 x 24 collage on wood panel with cradle sides, finished and photographed, I've not got prints yet for it...I'll wait till the season comes closer for that as of the Fair season.  My horse series....I don't know where it's going as of what and how long I'll be doing them.  I usually give myself a number that I'll be working through but that's not made it's self present with this series...It just might be an open ended one for awhile.
Just completed my yoga in the studio and feel so calm and balanced...savoring the moment.  Yesterday after making the board-bookbinding cradle for a sample, I walked into my own storage area and pulled out this monster...36 x 48 I've not work this big in a while...I want to make some papers...I pulled out my Pale pony which I love as my personal references...I've got another little tracing paper pony taped to the canvas...I want to make a collage with a whole bunch of these abstract ponies on there but with a painted pony makings...Like the one pony/horse I was on in Door County.

The black and white or the brown and white seem to be calling to me.... well it's like the image on the refrigerator...as a motivational tool, you hang it there and look at it and hopefully you are inspired to make choices in the that direction to get what you want or progress at least in that direction...
Well working is all out....the process of creating ideas, images, self-expression and a great learning tool all with the good orderly direction pulling at the reins.
I've created work for the gift giving season now it's time to turn into a strong passionate need to learn more about me...every time I do this create a piece that is being lead through me I end up learning a new layer about myself.


  1. Like the new pony. Also like that you're not choosing to make a goal with the series. Should be more relaxing.

  2. You would think...but setting goals or the number of piece is a keeps my butt in gear with them but like I said this Horse things....is going to be what it is...and for how long it needs to.


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