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Collage art at Downers Grove Public Library.

Tuesday's Class and dropping off artwork


Tack Down Tuesdays Sept. 27th

Informations coming in and the 5 year plan

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ReCap on Make Your Mark Journal Project at LaGrange Art League

What works and what doesn't these days

Packing and head off to class

Regrouping day.

Tack Down Tuesday Sept. 20th


Make Your Mark Journal Project at LaGrange this week

Last outdoor Art fair for me-Naperville Riverwalk

Some cool weather and clouds

Naperville Riverwalk 2011

Another task bites the dust....

Productive day

Tack Down Tuesdays

New week and much to do

Slowing taking down today...

Beauty of NATURE

4th Annual Outdoor Studio Exhibit

A good Wednesday Morning.

The count down begins

September 6th, Tack Down Tuesday

As a Crow Flies is finished