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Where Time has been focused

Finding Water Week 12

sharing a bit of my oldests creative works

Racking up the Miles

All in a day....

Finding Water Week 11

Getting There -Exhibit Opening Today 1-3pm

Knock me out of my flip flops this morning

Extra self care with many forms of mindfulness

Just received my Dillman's Pamphlet

A Walk in the Woods and Gongs

Games and Random stuff....Artistic Anorexia

Collage and Assemblage Class Monday

Book Board cut and Tea Bag Book Holders Done

Finding Water Week 10

Dropping off Art today

Placement and Space

Feeling the vision....

Quadrafub at NX2 in Germany

Collage and Assemblage Class...

Finding Water Week 9-Artist Way

Filling the Well

In process...Dream Catcher

Honoring the Vision board....

Finding Water Chapter 8-Artist Way

Completed Vision Board, with Good Orderly Direction for the Year.