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Sounds and what they do for me...

rock picking again.....

Little Ones under piece of collage art.

My Three composition pieces donated to Dillman's for scholarship fund

Made it to the Studio

white quiet and peaceful

Just a happy, good Morning! No sun but don't need it today.

A peaceful and personal balance

Mini Abstract Landscape Collage Workshop-Addison Art Guild Feb 19th, 2011

On to a new week, feelings of great accomplishment

Taking care of Paperwork

Can I ask for People? Addison Art Guild One Day Collage Workshop

Couldn't help myself...I'm addicted to the rocks..

Second Class of Artistic Conversations-Visual Art Journaling...

Quiet Now~

"I am Enough" stone for today~

Happy Valentine's Day

It is complete "my bowl of stones"

Heartfelt exhibit and the woods

Exhibit at Cindy Fields Designs-"Heartfelt" Feb 11th-4-8pm

New class starts today and some reflective time

Second day of Glass/collage at Ed Hoy's

A few photo's from day one of Glass/collage class at Ed Hoy's