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New series is emerging~

In the studio this weekend

Week 8 of Walking in this World...keep demons at bay.

Continuing the journey of Introspective work-Hope

Finishing Something - how good that feels-free flow creations

Breakthroughs...Walking in this World

Day off-Doctors orders......

working with a plate and printing collage papers

Collage Demo at LaGrange Art League yesterday

Sustaining, consistent, positive action...week 7

Different topic-Unity...

Collage Demonstration at LaGrange Art League -today

Last of the pictures.

More pictures from my road trip to Crystal Lake

Trip to Crystal Lake IL

The End of Week Six

running late

A bit of fun yesterday

No photo's

Printing today

Monday morning

Hard to capture the real thing

a sense of boundaries...

Into the green thing...Lucky Number 17

Free Flow Mixed Media Collage-LaGrange Art League

Last section of week Five in Walking in the World...