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Easter Morning and my Oldest Birthday

Expanding, contract, recoil or react?

Playing around with a envelope-Collage

Acquiescence's in the woods and patience at the Beach

Off to take a walk

a sheet of battleship gray and printing

New collage class starting at Mayslake Peabody Estate

It's what does that mean?

"Steampunk Gal" Violin-DuPage Symphony Orchestra

Could it be a dream come true

Drama from the Winged ones Part 2.

Drama from the four legged and wings ones Part 1.

Created some postcards today

Empowered with taking down a brick wall.

She walks with me

At the Mercy of the torn edge

New book coming out.

What works...then work it...keeping it simple

Sand Hill Cranes yesterday

Following some intutiveness

Procrastination is the name of the game

Stubborn Gladness

Floating Collage class-Naperville Art League

Not much time this morning

Writing this morning

Played in the Studio