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I wonder....

A weekend home...

Putting things in motion

First Session of a 4 part series of classes-Naperville Art League Jan 2011

Conference at Ed Hoy's

A visit to Ed Hoy's International today

Door County and home..sweet...home

Shift in what is most important

Road trip recap and visit to emergency

Road Trip

And Life goes on~

Oh the flip flop is mighty tasty~

Oh how life changes...

emotional feelings at a high

When an owl enters you life....

Where did the day go?

Slipped in a creative "Quickie"

Play has to wait, time to work..

Random entry and still making some connections


Behind the Screen and Tackling the Tuesdays List

Family weekend and gatherings

Getting some reading time in or making time for it....

Parents are visiting this morning

Are the fragments fixed?

fixing some fragments

Meeting each task with force

some more thoughts

A little piece of my mind shared....

1/2 Day- Day 3 of the Collage Workshop at Naperville Art League

Naperville Art League Oct 2010 Two Day Collage Workshop-day 2

Naperville Art League Oct 2010 Two Day Collage Workshop