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  It Takes Courage,  8 x 10 Collage on watercolor paper,  Not sure where this piece is but I do remember it was a day like yesterday that I then took those feelings and emotions to the surface and processed through them.  Yesterday I had planned on having some quiet time and just being still with myself and possibly doing some reading. Plans....they don't always work and I got hooked into a place I didn't want to go.  Out of respect to the Elder in the home, before I know it I was sidetracked and down a rabbit hole.   Questioning how did I every get there? My whole attitude left me in an angry spot.  I did what I had to do and then I exited upstairs to lay down.  Stop! I have to tell myself, while laying down my breath and heart were beating fast.  I don't want to be short and angry with our Elder but Wow.   The Husband came home from work and made this way to the bedroom and laid next Gracie and I. I was allow to vent and I do believe I was heard.  Nothing changes but how

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