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Story Time

  As I would sit with my Grandfather he taught me to break things down to their simplest form and build them back up.  I've always looked at shapes as a wonderful foundation and the process of working with them as symbols too with greater meaning. The triangle, has a wonderful meaning of ideas and goals.    A great book to learn about them is  Signs of Life  .  So my foundation was laid out for me so long ago. To learning about process and putting things back together. As I look back now it's a place that I can fix things, though be it only with paper and glue it's  become a very loving and comforting process I wouldn't ever leave behind.     As I continue my journey with paper, glue and scissors the thought about creating a problem to be solved is really strong with learning about composition. Who wants to create a problem, don't we have enough problems?  This is a life journey I take every time I lay out the papers. From a sketchbook to the surface of a wood panel

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