Sunday, January 20, 2019

Snow, Blowing, Inner Strength, Women, Retreat, Create

They came, We Create and You get to see how........

 Some wonderful Accomplishment and smiles to match.

 Detail work and decisions to make.

 Time to do some stenciling with paint on our little micro mini's

 Jackie's First time collaging...great job lady ~

 Karen's was able to come late and catch up with us so fast...she's Awesome ~

 Laura's kept her word game going...nice job.

 Laury was able to fit those little people and puzzle shapes.

 What awesome Colors Robin has pulled and picked together for her Micro Mini's

 Thank you Cheri for snapping pictures 

Marianne's Three Micro Mini's 

Waiting in line to dig in the scrap box for collage papers. 

Mary Lou take a bit of a break while her collages were drying. 

Intense here..... these ladies mean business. 

 No blood...but a few pokes,  First aid was not needed.

Give some creative women a task, like get that needled threaded and look out there is silence and attached to detail.

Laury's and Jackie's  

Robin Amulet....She keeps her them of Mandela's ...Can't wait to see this one finished. 
Laura's Amulet 

 Janet found the right fabric
Great Smiles, Happy Women and  I think more sewing time is needed....Some great stuff was almost finished that I didn't get picture of...darn it!

For my first time of inviting creative woman over to the house for an all day creative retreat, it snowed fearlessly with blowing winds to about 6 or so inches.  Some areas in the suburbs more...roads some clear and other not so...with Randy's help we had the path cleared to the front door.  We wished more could have come but we understand just wasn't the best conditions.

We gathered in the kitchen with such good food, catching up on what's been happening as of life stuff, births, deaths, new opportunities and great starts on new year directions in healthy ways.  You see this woman have been working with me through the three artist ways books in this past year or so. Our back grounds all a bit different as our personality which makes it so rich, real awesome and whole.

Now our Gracie (bloodhound/lab) wasn't to sure...she's got some issue to work not being so scare d of everyone and pee's on the floor....she keeps her distance but sometimes she can't help herself.  Hank(great dane) was the gentle giant as he walked around sticking is face in everyone's face sniffing and being comforted by pets and hugs.   Sophie....she made herself scares....after the first few came into the house...she hid. Such a princess..

Micro Mini collage were made, lunch brake and then we moved in to the making of Amulet's...a few women had to leave early.  Totally amazing and Rocked this time.

I just want to share my gratitude to you all.  You've made the cherry on top of my Sunday Dream to have people over and create you my homestead.  You showed me with your presences, flowers and special gifts great food... even for the four legged friends, Mary Lou...(they just loved the jerky) THANK YOU....

I hope that you were also given a gift to let go a bit, take some small risks, trying new things and see the amazing creative souls that you are.   You all Rock this Earth!!!

Thursday, January 17, 2019

Preparing for Saturday

Things are just falling into place,  grateful and amazed at what Randy and I were able to accomplish,  He's working on the hand rails staining them up and will probably hang them tomorrow.  Working long hours these days at his job...past midnight.   The stairs and all are something that we've had to do for some time, just seem like a good project to keep doing.  Well, the test will be when I have the Artist way group over on Saturday... I've got two project planned out for them...Making Micro Mini collages and our own Amulets.  The board is ready with the steps of the process, Just in case I'm not around and putting soup on or something.  Our house has had over 35 people in it for thanksgiving what's a few creative gals in a room sitting and working with our hands that can't be handled.  I'm really so excited to have everyone over...the four legged friends will be overwhelmed at first, which is nothing new...

Wednesday, January 16, 2019

Let the Mark making begin

Anna was really having fun with the grass brush...

 Betsy enjoying the feather.

 Carol is working over things with the feather too.

 Margaret moving the feather stick to create ribbon patterns. 

Barbara created as small mop tool, that worked great, so great I had to make one too. It's just Awesome to explore possibility.

On the larger drawing paper I explored the dried grass brush, Anna was getting ready to cast some spells, which next week we will  But for real this is something about the whole process when you create thing even your tools to use alter the surface of found papers.  This approach can be done to all kinds of paper.  We just started off with the white of paper ...Lines are so important, I think they don't get there just deserts in the creative process as much as they should.

Sunday, January 13, 2019

Painting this weekend....

 Primer going on first...
Big odd area to work in is the stairway and hallway.  We will be painting the primer on the rest of the walls today. Been a few many years that we are finally getting to this.

 Going up the stairs....primer walls
 second floor look at a few of the bedrooms
 From my daughters door and the bathroom door look at the half wall by the stairs.

At the landing looking to pick out a color.  Staying light for this area...Looking towards a warm white....?

Friday, January 11, 2019

The hands are sore.....

 Gathered up some know the really good kind of stuff, things giving to you like a bag of buttons, threads, fabric, found sticks, cheese cloth, some raw cotton, and what ever else I had in my bead and sewing box.

Been working on these little Amulets for the last few days between sanding drywall off the walls where I've been patching up years of abuse from the kids and myself bring up and down art regalia from panels to tents. 
I'm pretty happy with them.  

After Jan 20th PDF will be available for purchase 

Tuesday, January 08, 2019

Textile work....starting

Venturing in a direction I wanted to for awhile and going to do it as lap work at the end of the day...not a knitter, but a stitcher.

Vision Board

Vision Board Workshop was a very moving and emotional time. 
We started with inviting the four directions, father sky and mother earth into our circle. Then we honored ourselves with a smudging of sage and lavender, to relax, calm and rid negativity. 

Shared about ourselves and a bit of discussion, which opened the door to synchronicity and connection. As we shared we found out all the different connection we had.  Bring us closer and a rich feeling of belonging. 

We went though our magazine and trusted our judgement and the choices we made. Working a system of larger images, medium and smaller. With an image of ourselves we figure out where our birth month would be made placement on the poster board.  18 x 24 is a great size for a vision board. 

Lunch and then we painted rocks from Door County, smooth ones and when dried later in the date we wrote our word for they year on it. 

Most of the vision board were complete, a few adjustments when we get home and as we shared around the table we were trusting in each that emotions where high and beautiful,  where were vulnerable and tears were shed...all so good. 

So very grateful to be in a circle of truth and love. 

 Mary Beth
Laura's Second one.