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Having a moment to be in the Clarity

 Tall Grass Prairie,  20 x 36 on 100% Cotton Rag paper,  This piece sold many years ago.  A favorite of mine.   Capturing  the between time of winter and early spring.     This morning words in my meditation books came gently though, "The growth you seek can only find you in the here and now. Allow life to move through you, rather then trying to move life."  Standing in our own light, how clear the picture emerges of our shadowing of our own happiness by mistaken thinking?   Stand aside for true clarity.  We must find the vantage point where we can most clearly see our difficulties as it is; then answers will come.   I receive the nudge to slow down and reflect a bit before moving forward on of the days agenda, Preparing for workshop this coming week.  I know I'm personally starting early but in reality it's not with all other things that happen weekly.  

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