The Web Ranger Rides again....

Yesterday I sat at the computer most of the morning...I had a young second cousin ask me about the art business and I shared what I could with her...She's interested in the design crafts which is still a good business and doing things custom...which her the best...I was beginning to wonder about things but if anything the younger generation would latch on to all the web business faster then a seasoned one like me...they grow up in it as of selling and purchasing things on line etc.

So as you see here I've got  buttons media button on my I've observed with the way things are in the on line world the ability to connect so everything is what makes it easy for everyone else to know what your up to...or get all in you business.

I sat next to my Web Ranger-Oldest daughter/graphic artist and watched her preform magic.   Amazing to see how they punch the keys and whoosh it's done.

Ideas are circling in the head and I've all excited...I think midway in June there should be another opportunity start fresh or the illusion of that.  Oh is that call Spring..but really I just feel empowered to move forward on some ideas and see what happens...take risk and jump in feet first.

She also helped me fix the glitches I was having with some of the things on the website...always maintenance...I say just stick with a blog or some thing simple like that...but truely would be learning the behind the scenes of html stuff and like I am...

OK enough rambling...going to look up some health appetizers and try something different this year... 


  1. Yeh, those stinking computers... gobble up time trying to navigate and repair.

  2. Might have to face the fact that a whole lot is done on them now...taxes to writing up class agenda's extra...


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