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Tack Down Tuesday's #5 BOGO

Just a Monday morning...

As the crow flies in process #2

As the Crow Flies beginning process


Visual Art Journaling class at Mayslake.

Photo's from Visual Art Journaling class

Last class today-Visual Art Journaling Mayslake Peabody Estate

My "Make Your Mark"Journal final pages...

Received a package in the mail today...

Tack Down Tuesday August 23rd

A bit rustled with my website...

Randy Svencner in the September 2011 The Horse Magazine

Sunday's sweet ramblings

How's Hank?

Art journaling and the woods.

Oh so many things keep me human

Tack Down Tuesday August 16th

Just a peaceful Monday

Fresh Strawberries and a beautiful cool morning.

Day with an Art Journal, Visual Art Journaling Part 2

Day with an art journal...Visual Art Journaling part 1.