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Day after the workshop

Second Day of Collage Workshop

Class and picking up work

Photo's from Class on Tuesday and Art Diaries-4Art

At the computer this morning

In my PJ's till 12 noon yesterday

Heading in to Chicago and class tonight

Recharging body's energy today

Mayslake Peabody Estate

Workshop and classes

Demo for Lemont Artist Guild Last night

Expanding and contracting and moving forward

OMGosh 8hours in the studio

all day studio

Happy Heart Day

Woods Medicine this morning.

OMGosh... can't believe it...

Meeting went well for the "Make your Mark" Journal project...

Finished #7 Acorn Moon and off to Dick Blicks

Cancelled Class today~

My Dailyness in Quesiton?

Dare I mention it???

A few piece you might not have seen....

Dreams do come true along the way...

Three Piece in New York,

List a mile long... and trying to stay in today

Just sharing

Class today and reflection on a good walk in the woods