Almost had a melt

I got asked to be part of a publication and it's a rush job, as of they need images and information ASAP. (I'm a fill in, but I'll except that) So then my lovely lap top, Envy HP-3 hears old now,  which is to be a really great piece to work with has had issue since we bought it.  We had it shipped back and was working but now the darn thing was heating up so bad that is would shut down to protect it from totally melting down. 

Here's one of the things it was doing...put a disk in with image from my photographer and it shows 6 things on it and then I wait to open one biggie what you need to do with a tif file. Then things just stopped and the circle came up and was going for hours it shut the program down and pulled the disk out...laptop is really hot now...then put the disk back in and got it to open up and says its a black disk...Yikes what the Fun is going on.  Thankfully the Husband was home as I'm trying to get the image to the size that the publication company wants and I can't even open it up...So Mr. White Knight puts the disk in his computer and I'm able to save the images on a thumb drive and at least open it again in my laptop when it cooled down... trying to be calm....knowing though this is nerve wracking it will all work out in the end...Right? (trying to be hopefully feeding the faith side of me first)

Well this Mr. White Knight goes and sits at his computer in the Man Cave and reads and reads about the problems that others have had with the laptop computer like mine and figures a few things out and well for now it's all thankful for the time he puts into being the top notch problem solver.

Now I've got to go back and do some writing about each piece...more details will be shared as I find out about...don't want to spoil a good thing before it even gets a chance to get started.

But what I do have to say about this all is this....all in two days.  One day I give myself an artists date all day and then while doing that I hear on my phone through an email check, some exciting news about possibly being published in a magazine. Then yesterday afternoon before the computer problem I get a rejection email from a big exhibiting opportunity in the City of things have a way of balancing out and with the uncertainties of life you just really don't know where your going do you?...Hints of it, gut feelings and then the course is changed...would I change it?  No it is the way it's suppose to be. In the meantime it's got it's own sense of drama to it that keeps it exciting... Life and learning how to live with it and still live the dream....

Now to put the Christmas tree up today...went and bought a small already light one and a new star for the top. Our old one has seen to many and needs to be out to the fake tree pastures. Hoping to get some studio time, Yoga and might even make some fudge today...cause tomorrow I'm heading to One of a Kind with my Oldest Daughter. Just because I can...



  1. lol.. what did we make without our ANGEL men...
    mine is also my personal PC doc....


    have a good weekend Laura!

  2. Oh we make a good team don't we...creative on both ends.
    have a great weekend too Honey~


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