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It went smoothly

set up for One of a Kind show today

BOGO November's #5 Tack Down Tuesday

Inner serenity


Friday Morning.

Staying in the moment

Switching things up

Test in Faith the last three days

#4 Tack Down Tuesday

Artwork is inventoried

Still a sicky in the house

Sharing some progress

Sick husband

Deep needs

November's #3 Tack Down Tuesday

One full week.....

Had a great plan and then it died out

Moving in to the last week..

Mission Mind in action

being direct

Heading down the path

Checks in the Mail-with much gratitude

November #2 Tack Down Tuesday

Monday morning mumbling..

Husband's and Second Oldest Daughters Birthday Celebrations Today

End of teaching session for the year...New Class 2012

Last class today till Jan 2012

A peek

Rambling on....

Award winner

Still working with the Artist Way book...

November's #1 Tack Down Tuesday