Getting the Ball rolling again.

I have 4 years on file of my goals for my art career and biz..and I looked over them I see some similarities.

I always wrote out what my New Year's Intention it goal or direction

What I find is what I've been believing in for along time....that if you want to work on your art you have to keep working on our life too...most of the time side by side.  With my dyslexic way of thinking which has been showing it's pretty head as we/husband and I work together on the new bathroom, I see I've wanted so badly to work it all in and most of the time I do it well but this past year I can see by my 2013 list I made there was less monthly planning...I kind of lost the big thought process, "I'm an artist an full steam ahead"

I think it's been moving toward a different level and perspective...not so competitive.

I'm going to share my intentions from years past

New Years Intentions
Something happened in my attitude and perspective this pass couple of months. The time off from teaching and with getting sick two times and the imbalance of hormones has me doing some deeper thinking. The bear side in me that really likes to hibernate and get all introspective and all. I love that it’s been brought to my attention again and again that the answers are all inside I just have to quiet myself enough to hear. So what am I hearing, continue teaching, workshops and exhibiting your work girl!!  Explore your medium even more, bring it to another level... and your body is so important to you that you need to pay more attention to that this year because it’s trying to tell you something.

Authentic Self
I’m at a cross roads as of what and were to go with the art…I’m tired of the pushing to get it out there…burnt out.  Though I still want to make the art I will have to find ways to keep my spirits high on the exhibiting side, so I don’t end up over loaded with art work in the back storage room and studio space. And I want to leave room for wiggle and jiggle and fun stuff.

Intention for the New Year
The challenge to be in the present and to be in a humble place. In order to be in a humble place that means I will have to seek out some good orderly direction. I would like to combine all the different art styles/voices I’m working in and bring it to a centering place and create with them all on a years’ worth of new artwork. I would like to continue the Tack Down Tuesday’s series and post other art work/books/and handmade papers for sale on my blog. I would like to continue towards my personal balance, inner peace and a spiritual practice which then carry out in my art and life. And I would like to be comfortable in my own skin without censored thinking. Goal is to be my authentic self which I’m learning is a life long journey, and I’m fine with that. I would like to make handmade papers again. And work in my yard too. Darn, if there was only two of me. 
Finish last big canvas of 12
Wrestling thoughts   what to do with older works…sell…sell…sell.. 
Etsy site get policy ready
Make some more Journals
Finish the last two pieces to the series Woods Woman
Create a large piece for Algoma WI w/prints and some smaller ones. 

Now I'm sharing this section from the Art Calendar which is now Professional Artist magazine...I used it as a guide for my beginning intentions and then I usually hang this in the studio with the monthly things I'll be doing that year. I do this so it's present and steers me right when I turn left. 

Simple guidelines to think about from Feb 2010 Art Calendar

  • It’s important to know your goals, goals direction and focus your activities.
  • How do you want this year to be different?
  • Think about business, product, marketing and sales. Perhaps you want to expand your client base, improve customer service, boost repeat sales, exhibit at more places or find gallery representation.
  • Goals should motivate you. The more important they are to you and the more you see real value in achieving the. The more likely you are to realize them. Be realistic so you can accomplish.
  • Begin each phrase with, I will not I hope to or I would like to. Also make sure there positive. 
  • If the list is a long one prioritize the items.
  • Goals are a lot easier to accomplish when there are tangible ways of measuring, so try to be as concrete as specific as possible.
  • Have self meetings to see if your on track 

Well, with all my jumbled writing and scramble dyslexic brain cells and weighing hormonal swings...which I'm happy to say are calming down some what and getting back into some balance...I look forward to the next couple of days in  hopes to sort out some good intentions.  And get the Creative ball rolling again. 


  1. Nice sharing of goals or intentions, now to work on some of my, "I will's..."

    1. That was three years beginning intentions....I to have to work on the one for this year...


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