Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Dillman's Experience Collage Workshop 2

 Susan, getting ready to start on a new sheet of found paper which we created a resist by stamping on them.
 Little technique we learn from Jo Toye but we used our utility knife and a feather.

 Karen is so excited to be here...I love all the Awe moments she's great to witness...from seeing the loons to the eagles flying over.

 A few solid color papers and some gestural marks, stamping and rubbing alcohol drops.

 Using Nevr Dull on the magazine pages...kind of smelly stuff so we are very blessed to have such a beautiful day for it.
 After Morning Collage Meditation...everyone has to get up and look at each others.

My abstract paper built up to the point that I feel  great about it and then I will cut it up and use in the collage the next two day.

 Nancy, building  on her Little Red Roof exercise.

 What a joy to see these smiling face when I look up, Julia in the green and Jan in the Yellow, artist friends from Springfield.
Judy from Washington state has a great little home started with her Red Roof.

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