Sanded Magazine pages

My personal choice is National Geographic for magazines.  I know it limits images and words to bring into collage but I'm looking for ways to build a palette instead of images..those come in later not while the fun process of making papers is going on...we want to be into the action. 
Pulling full color pages less words the best but then sometime having some words in there is great too. But to get the max out of you effort go for the full photo images. And then get a collection of stencils all kinds and some fine sand paper...not to gritty because it will sand a hole right away but then it could be a Sera things as of Serendipity...never a mistake just a happy accident right?
Now Dianne in my class has some great fun but I won't share her technique on line here...for the bamboo effect...had to be there for that one in class...
Now Marcia...she was on her way...I started them with 6 pages but as you can see, "the What if" syndrome started and off she goes playing till her heart couldn't no more.
Now a thing to remember is the paper is no the art is the palette to pull from so we need a good palette and not all of the papers will be used in one collage...just what is called for and the rest will be used at another time.
Elaine is enjoying my favorite the sink mat that looks like pebbles really add to the feel and mood in you collages later.
Now this piece of magazines has a glazing of acrylics on a baby wipe that is rub over and then it goes into the raw sanded papers areas and you've altered it many it and then everyone wonders why there so tired by the end of class..emotion, physically and spiritually we have max it all out in one day...good nights rest for everyone.
Note these papers will also need to be coated with polymer medium Gloss on both sides before they can be used with the Heat Seal method of collaging..
Never stack coated papers on top of each other..always use wax paper or deli sheets between..make a nice post of collage papers when you all done.


  1. thanks for this technique tip Laura! I was planning to put some stencil designs over old book pages then cut them up for future collages. I will try the sanding with stencils too!

  2. This is a new process for me Laura...thanks for the tips.

  3. I had a whole list of techniques before but Blogger would let me add any more images...went past my limit so I deleted some old post and now I'll start it back up...I'm going to save this on a page under the main header where all my other stuff is so people can revert back to the post with it on it.

  4. Oh, my !!! WHat fun !!!And what juicy results to play with.
    How I wish I could come and play with you...


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