Saturday, September 10, 2011

Beauty of NATURE

 The Drive way before we all pull out in the morning..the four white tents in the back ground..takes me about half an hour to pull up the sides and get ready for the day. Grabbing a bit of breakfast before I head out and do that.  checked all signage and looks good. Great crowds of people came out...thanks everyone.
The morning couldn't be any more beautifulier then this for me...I love the morning fog and the small willow tree we have growing now right across the road and before the cat tails. And Oh yes..if you stop by and there's the other side of nature you smell it's our Great Dane Hank. Yes he decided to go for a morning run and encounted another black creature...well needless to say he only came back with the smell of O'd to Skunk on him...

Ok got to finish breakfast and head out to roll up the side. hope to see you and if not ...visit River Walk in Naperville next weekend...and maybe we can met up then.

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  1. Hope it's a very successful day for you Laura. Lovely house.


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