Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Half the list is done... whao

Every morning I sit with my four leggeds feed and my coffee and cream to the candles burning at the table. The house hasn't begun to stir yet... I have about half an hour before the Man of the house wakes up.. so... I write..journaling or is it brain drain but it is my special time I give myself everyone morning... along with that I have a gratitude list I fill out..10 spaces... I usually can fill out about half of them just in the morning but on the other side goes the list... and it's my agenda for the day.. with being the domestic goddess that I am I still have some homestead chores to keep track of and then the art business and what ever else needs to be tended to that day. So I've tackled a good portion of it already which feels good.
Now yesterday I had a great day... the walk in the woods was awesome. I'm totally amazed at the activity of the winged ones... the nuthatches and the woodpeckers are chasing each other around as of territory I believe and setting up a nesting spot I guess. The BlueJays are making some funky sounds too, I had the whole wooded area and walking path to myself it was great till the end a woman came with her dog... No biggie everyone enjoys walking out there. So good to say hi too. So I also made it to the studio and got myself lost in there for a good few hours..music up high and the mind and body moving forward. Happy camper I was... Now to make a good move on this day.

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  1. Sounds like a perfect morning to me. Love that kind!


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