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Layering Process with Collage

Watercolor paper 140 lb.  white tape edges,  gestural line drawn and I picked Orange starting with some value and quarter segments.

Working with paint trim roller and added a bit of raw umber to the orange adding even darker value and some stenciling marks.

Bring back in the gestural lines with Neo II Color Crayons to the surfaces.
Which then I added a layer of fixative so seal the crayons in.

Decided on some collage papers, thinking I will work with the browns and oranges. I gave my back ground a coat of polymer and used a hair dryer to speed up the process.

As I looked at my scrap papers I was draw the turquoises blue and the striped gray and white papers. With my scrap papers that are coated with polymer I'm able to take them down with a tack iron,

After the surface is cooled I apply a layer of glazing and raw umber. My favorite color to bring the papers all together...adds a nice aged looked to them. some would say a dirty look to them but I like that with my papers. Makes me feel that the papers have all been together longer then just a few seconds.
The glazing tones the edges and all the papers.

I've added a lighter value of the blue and scraped it on with plastic card and rolled some of the paint on a deli sheet and did a quick mono print and left some marks.

Adding color and value and pushing some back rubbing area off and repeating the process again till it comes to a point where I like it.
Working the lighter value in around the whole composition in smaller areas, be careful not to over do it.
Watered down the lighter orange/peach color and used a small paint brush and held it at the handle tip and just dragged the paint brush in a circle let it dry.

After every thing is dry I give it a coat of polymer again and dry it with a hair dryer and add more collage papers and bring in smaller piece of paper and for detail.

I complete this process a few more times and another glazing with the raw umber and glazing medium and then I add some shadowing to really being the depth of the papers and enhance the layers. Adding some more stamping as need.  This piece is called "Dreams to Instruct" 


  1. Fabulous! I love the finished piece and it is exciting to see your process. Thank you!

    1. Hi Carol, Love you quilts and see a few with crows...liking them a whole lot. Thanks for stopping by.

  2. Hi Laura: I love it when you take us through your process -so instructive. You have your own unique voice in your artwork, which is rare these days. Wonderful work!

    1. Thank you Sharon, I sent you two pages with the images of the steps too.

  3. Bonnie Sue Chasnoff

    I'm in, whether i will continue to get here is another question. You are an amazing artist and a truly good person to show your process to us. I can't wait to start the class. How many of us will be in the class?

  4. Thank you. I have just started doing collage and this is so very helpful. I "normally" am a watercolor painter, so working this way is brand new to me and a little overwhelming. But your work is beautiful and so nice of you to share the steps. Thank you

  5. I have recently discovered your art. I participate in The Documented Life Project, and one of the recent challenges was to create a collage, so I googled to learn more. I started pinning collages I loved, and this is when I discovered you. :) I want to learn collage so badly now! Thank you for the wonderful tutorials and videos! :) Loving the colours and depth very much. Your choice of papers are very intriguing!

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  7. thank you for sharing your process and thoughts. I have been pinning your work for about 2 months and am just drawn too it . It is so strong!

  8. Thanks for sharing your process. Your artwork is beautiful!

  9. Anonymous10:12 AM

    Hello Laura thank you ever so much for what you give to us to see. I m use to look at artist work, and met a lot of very well known artists here in France through my work. Here i find Something beautifull, in your art, but in the way y explain it. So much generosity in you. Thank you. Citrine

  10. I just love your work. You have really inspired me to create more and helped me in so many ways to add dimension and depth to my work. Would love to have a critique. Would you be willing to do that?


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