So I ventured out

This is a place that is so awesome for so many reason, it takes books, supplies, other things in that can be used and reused, by education/teachers and not for profit places too. So much stuff it's overwhelming too. 

Boxes of maps...I have a little box of maps I personally stashed but if I need more ever, I know where to find them.  

And these are the cool carts you get to use when you fill your they saved dictionary for me and I had to take them yesterday so the whole bottom of the cart is filled up. Then I found 8 1/2 by 14 paper for my writing journaling I use. Plus a empty container for storage and the goodie boxes on top. And they take books apart and put the boards in the bin for recycling I was overwhelmed with the boxes of them. Wow!  I gathered up some of them for my classes coming up in the fall.  

Some cool rubber stamps, a few books, found re-enforcement holes thin strings and whole bunch more. 

So I've prepare a new morning page journal and finished it up last night while watching the new Turner and Hooch on Disney+, it was funny as we have Gracie who slobbers greatly like Hooch. 


  1. What a great haul! Love your mew journal cover!

    1. Thanks it all start with a piece of newspaper that got mucked up on with paints from other papermaking session then I finished it off and copied it on my laser copier and printed about 10 sheets. Plus I keep the original one to savor even more...that happens from time to time..


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