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Thursday, June 04, 2020

I'm not there yet but close

 Every once in awhile I snap a picture of myself in the woods, my happy place, my spiritual place.  My place to run to and be spirited from.  I ran their yesterday and took our one dog Gracie with me.  The smells were so sweet, and not the sweet rotten smell like in the fall.  No fresh and sweet.  So many different wild flower have bloomed already but the honey suckles are present now and brought such peace to my soul. 

This photo that I found on the internet, probably by some famous photographer it's warms my heart and really makes me feel connected in a way that I can't explain but know. 

As we continue to transform,  My word this year, I'm reminded of all us in this transformation period.  I do pray that we ground ourselves in earthly ways.  
Simple life ways.  Loving ways.  

Being humbled and sentimental 


  1. While you are staying humble and connected to Mother Earth in Illinois, I am doing the same in Florida!

  2. Across the Miles...


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