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Monday, June 15, 2020

From the beginning of the Year...I've built up a Spiritual Warehouse.

1. Principles above personalities....do the service work, no judgement. 
2. More will be revealed, 
3. I don't have to take this personally 
4. Accepting Love and that it's always been there.
5. Grace and Space, loving detachment. 
6. Their pain is their direction of healing, as my pain of a situation is mine to deal with and work through. 
7. I keep hearing mindfully, " Trust the Process, Stay Present"   

My word this year is Transform,  It always awakens me even more to see how this is playing out for the world too, so connected.  

At this point in my life I'm about growing spiritual in finding meaning in this life.  Creativity is so close to my spiritual life as I continue in my elders years its getting hard to divide it...so why? Seeing that there is more to learn is exciting to me. 


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