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Tuesday, June 30, 2020

Animal Spirit Series, Newest-Four Directions

I started this series of using the Geology maps as a base, white washing them with Gesso.  Then I tear them apart and sew them back together.  At that point I created a stencil silhouette and cut out the animal shape. Building back in the spirit while also working the spiritual meaning of the animals in my life. So I'm very happen to have the Four Bison piece finished, thinking of a field mouse next.  


  1. Your work is so creative and unique, and clearly identifiable as yours. Love love love it......

  2. You go girl! Gorgeous work.

  3. ...the animals that come into your life...transformed into paper, color and thread, BEAUTIFUL! and field Mouse is next....

    1. thanks...yes I would like that to come...


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