You may feel loving and affectionate toward the important people in your life today, which could encourage you to spend more quality time with friends or reach out to perform kind gestures for family members. At the same time, you are sharing affection and kindness with others, you might want to devote some time and attention to yourself. By taking time to engage in activities you enjoy, indulge in self-pampering sessions, or spend time in peaceful meditation, you should notice that your feelings of love and compassion grow in proportion to the amount of care you devote to yourself. You can then share with others from a place of true abundance and joy that dwells within you today, rather than trying to give from a place of self-sacrifice and emptiness.

We can best serve others by continuously filling ourselves with feelings of joy, happiness, and well-being. We often believe that it is lofty and admirable to neglect our own needs in order to selflessly give to others, but doing so creates a finite amount of resources we can draw upon. If we instead focus on caring for ourselves and loving ourselves enough to honor our needs for personal time and self-pampering, we feel happier, more balanced, and more centered. This helps increase our energy level and also makes us feel more inspired to reach out and share our inner prosperity with others. If you first focus on filling yourself with joy and peace today, you will have plenty of energy and motivation to devote to others.