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Tuesday, May 05, 2020

Walk...and keep walking

Yesterday Morning, I decided to switch my walk up after walking the dogs. They both can't go too long, one is a senior...bad legs and other is mending a knee. But if the weather permits I get myself an extra long walk in. Either listen to a podcast, music or just let thoughts wander out. Walking is a meditation and prayer time....quieting the inner chatter to hear from the heart.  As I walked the neighborhood the one shopping center by me had some beautiful Pansy sharing their colors...couldn't pass up a phone photo here. 

Not perfect, but perfectly imperfect with the all the small rock around a flower section on my back patio. I do an edging with the shovel and put out the dirt and unwanted weeds.  Can't thrown that all in the leave bags that pick up and recycle to heavy, so I put it in the wheel barrow and used my hands to feel and sift the dirt from the roots of the unwanted plants. 

 Tending to your property your area on this earth, is something I take pride in. Something instilled in me from my father. And digging and turning over the earth is a season thing, for the garden and for the flower beds too.  I can pull the bigger weeds out. I don't use chemicals...so it's physical labor that does it. As I was working yesterday with the clouds, coolness and the sun popping out while wearing a sweatshirt...I have to say it was ideal to be outside.  The situation I had was to go inside to the studio and create a piece of art at this time....I keep doing what I was doing till I made the choice not to create art but to allow my hands the freedom to work in the dirt/earth.

The extra dirt/earth then went into the buckets my daughter purchased last year for bucket garden. Right now with our stay at home still in action I was so delight to be creating the dirt for the cherry tomatoes seedlings I have growing in the house. I would have gone out to by bags of dirt for it but the situation of staying home made the choice for me. 

I feel it all today,  4 mile walk and yard work...I'm in gratitude for the opportunity to be useful and have simple purpose for the day and be so full of life. 

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