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Wednesday, November 13, 2019

Catching-up on the blog

 Yesterday after a few things on the list got check off...had some computer things to do.  I layered up and went for a walk in the woods. Wearing heavier boots and snow makes ya burn a bit more calories, but I'm not concerned about that I'm going for the mental and spiritual aspects. Cold yes but refreshing.
The tail marks give it away.  A jumping mouse, well a mouse or  mice were venturing out and above the snow. They say you only really see evidence of the animals in wild places mostly.  Seeing the tracks of the animals is so much fun and to see where they travel in the woods. As of the easiest path to take so they don't burn up all their energy.  Got to save it and make it last, green food is not as plentiful as before. 

 They were flying over and I heard it was their big day, about 7000 or so, Sandhill Cranes that is. The sky was so beautiful and right for the migration.

 Couldn't help myself had to buy some cranberries and cook them up.  There so darn good for you.

 I happened upon the church I use to go to when the kids were smaller and well I'm still a member but I choice not to go and practice my faith and spiritual guides in other ways, like walking the in the woods...but I did stop in and took a peek in the Playroom to see if the mural I painted with the help of a dear friend Lorraine.  Amazing that it has stayed up this long. The Mary I painted has blond hair...not sure what I was thinking as of do we really know what color her hair was?   so Blond it is in this mural. 

For my next series I'm doing the animals silhouettes and this is a Snow Owl in flight.  Amazing birds. 
 This is the close up of the first one I did...The owl will be done in the same way. 

 Yesterday part of the computer work was preparing a description for our local library to have a new 2 session class offered, Pocket Art Journals,  make it and take it with you.. I've been personal doing this for a few years. It's amazing to look back a them and see what you documented in our life.  They can be call daily journals too.
Quick morning photo in the studio of the progress I'm making on the violin...I have to admit with so many other things going on and pulling for my attention I was having a hard time with it...to much distance between creating session.  but I'm back at it and it's a slower process then my collage work.  Working with a theme....not got a title yet but has to do with a Willow tree. 

Ok caught up on some things....time to learn about teas today...and some food shopping too. 

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