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Sunday, September 29, 2019

Color for 2020

Color, I do like to use color and I know many of us depend on color, from the car manufactures to a glass bead artist that hand blows her beads.   Color trends have been going on for a long time. color trend is a direction. It's a developing awareness or an emerging preference for a color or several colors. Therefore, a color trend can change the way we think about a color and how we purchase consumer goods. Who would think that color would do this but it does.  I think natural in our surrounding with seasonal changes we are affected.  I know when I walk in a grove of Maple Trees near my home in the fall and the yellow that the leave are just feels like it drops down inside me.   It seems the colors this coming year are a bit richer and earthier. Except for the Fire Red at the top. But who am I....to really know what colors do what?   I love to work with them...and kid of let them pick me.  

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