Made a dud today

Been working with this one and just was not happy with the color salmon..though I like the color just not the color combo together..I was challenging myself to pick colors I don't use and put together and well it's a dud...going to live it in the assignment through so I can see what I don't like.  lol. 

A 8 x 8 in process...going to let it dry with the leave stamps on the surface I want to make sure it's dried well as I'll move into glazing next. 
See the finished piece Here 


  1. Whether or not #1 is a "dud" is in the eye of the beholder OR you could call it "in progress" instead and put it on the rainy day pile. It is much nicer than you think.

    And #2 has lots of energy. I think it's beautiful even in its unfinished state.

    1. Thanks Chris....yes in process is what's it's about and working through ideas that might have a good foundation as of yet.


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