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#10/02/17-A, "Different Approach" 8 x 8 piece of collage art on watercolor paper with a 2” mat all sides with final size 12 x 12

Materials Used: 140lb. Watercolor paper, polymer medium, acrylics, rubber stamping, painted drawing paper, graphite pencil, acrylic splatters and acrylics glazing, sealed with a layer of UV satin varnished.

Meaning behind the art: Just wanted to pack more things in on my Monday to see if I could do it again…and within an hour a Tack Down Tuesday was completed. Abstract of patterns, color and shapes…and the words kept coming to me…Different Approach.

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$75.00 plus tax and s/h

#042516-A, "Intimate Moment" 12 x 12  piece of collage art on watercolor paper mounted on 12 x 12 wood panel.

Materials Used: 140lb. Watercolor paper, polymer medium, acrylics, wood panel, glazing medium acrylics, scrap collage papers from painted papers and magazines with graphite and  wax crayons and sealed with a layer of UV stain varnish.

Meaning behind the art: Three things, Purple palette, not my favorite to work with so I’m always exploring how I can use other colors with it.  The Jumping Mice in this art remind me of one of my evening at the horse stables when waiting for the horse I was to ride to come out I witness a small mouse running on the barred window railing where the horses look out.  Cutest little thing and I don’t think anyone else saw him. The last thing was this past weekend I went up to visit my parents and go to the flea market in Princeton WI but ended up talking and enjoying ourselves.  We headed home and the husband and I sitting next to each other had a case of the sillies and laughed so hard tears were coming down our checks.  He almost had to pull over.  They’re all very intimate moments. 

$225.00 plus tax and s/h

Fallen Feathers, 
20 x 20 framed collage on 100% rag cotton mat

I created this images of the feathers by using a stencil on National Geographic paper with Gloss Medium acrylic. Stamping lightly on the surface and letting it dry.  After the gloss medium was dry I use a product called Nevr Dull, which is used for cleaning metals.  It takes the ink from the surface of the magazine and pulls it off, though where the gloss medium is it greats a resist and takes on the colors of the magazine and the rest of the ink come off.  I've used stained tissue paper and altered Kraft paper with gesso and acrylics. The feather papers were also sewed together as I made copies of the magazine image and created a panel of feathers and cut out some and placed then in a different directions. Wax crayons were use to embellish the colors. Glazing with a mixture of all four of these colors- Raw Umber, Black, Purple and quinacridone/nickel Azo Gold was used and shadowing done too. 

$450.00 plus tax and s/h 

Keeping it Together
8 x 8 artwork
Matted with a walnut frame
 12 x 12 

I pulled out some papers and was attracted to the straight edge of the red/blue and the magazine paper made with stamp in a polymer resist and removing the ink with Nevr Dull.  So this piece was inspired by the papers and an emotional state...of just trying to keep it together. 

$225.00 plus tax and s/h

Prints available on Fine Art America 


  1. I absolutely love both of these Laura. Your passion really shows in your art. Well done!


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