What is my word for 2017

I thought I had it...Authentic but I kept going back to Natural Way or Native Way and then I settled on Natural...One word...no more and authentic can fit in nicely with that.  Well I feel better that I got that figure out...really had me in a dither back and forth my thinking and heart was going.  And The rock my sister gave me when I visited a few years ago works well for the back ground of my word.  Seems more Natural to me....

OK done amusing myself off to eat a late breakfast.  Did some Yoga before and wow, haven't done that in over a good month...grateful I can still do it but the why did I stop on my self...always do that...throwing myself under the bus first-instead of taking care of myself.

Last Years Word was Spirituality....Blog post


  1. A terrific word, and I am certainly in agreement that both Authentic and Native are included in that...your work always speaks of the nature around you.

  2. Thanks Lady....It's my salvation Nature that is...and all her lessons and beauty.


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