Friday, December 25, 2015

Word is pick for the New Year of 2016

New year patterns....?  Resolution?  

Might just one word be more simpler to hand and work with? 

How can you just pick one word...when a quote might have more meaning?
Resolutions are about "Shoulds"   and we all know we shouldn't should on ourselves. 

Can one word do can it contain the energy and images and meaning enough for a whole year? 

It is said that deep transformation happens because of our minds-or our "Shoulds" 

So how do you Choose your word ? 

  1. Pick one word, if not one then maybe three at the most. 
  2. Allow yourself to shine through in your word you, Let it be totally you.  Allow these words come to mind and heart..give it a few days and see  how your awareness is triggered by each word.
  3. Your word is meant to teach you about you. It will often teach you about how you block your attraction and thwart your creative powers. It sometimes teaches you in paradox. Awareness is key. This means that everything in you life can be a teacher-including your own reactions to the things. 
  4. Your clarity is such a key element to attracting and manifesting.  There may be a word that comes then it changes a day or so later...take some time with yourself, and try to find the clarity. 
  5. Clarity doesn't mean you have to know how...You don't have to micomange your how.  That will come to you as the word guides you. 
You might want to do some journal writing.  

From a previous post:

So I think the word for the coming year has picked me...."Spirituality."  had a nice long talk with a spiritual mentor about it and we really connected on this whole topic...not so much that she'd be doing it to (a word thingy)  but the conversation was good and positive and felt really good to be in this place of awareness...where Awareness is something she has been honing in for sometime.

So my word for the coming Year is "Spirituality"  
  • In spirituality, the questions are: where do I personally find meaning, connection, and value.

I seek to learn about how this word will integrate into my life,
through awareness,and creativity offering me an opportunity to make more of myself and simple grow as a human being. I know that I will be tested in ways that I will question all a part of what life will offer. I'm excited, open and ready.


  1. Hi Laura, I'm here today because I saw the article featuring you in Somerset Studio Jan/Feb 2016. I read the article in the parking lot came home and logged into your blog. That was about an hour ago - since then i've been snacking on your videos like they were potato chips. I love watching you work. There was that moment in your abstract landscape video when i realized i was holding my breath...
    The opening spread in the article on pages 10-11 just grabbed me by the optic nerves. I loved the opening paragraph about beeswax - i found so much joy playing with it in a friend's encaustics studio back in the 90s. When i read that you put up a tent on your patio to make your own papers from the cattails that live across the street I was completely captivated and inflamed to create.
    Also, my word for 2016 is Light (the spiritual kind).
    So let me say thank you for all your wonderful creativity and i truly look forward to many enjoyable times spent with you on your blog.
    love, tree

    1. Oh Thank you, Loving your word, Light. Happy New Year!

  2. Great post! Looking forward to a quiet moment on January 1 when we get back from traveling to sit and let my word come through me.
    Wishing you a happy and spiritually rich new year, dear One!


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