Self Care Day......

Spring is next in the snow melt after this deep freeze the
water nutriment will supply the good earth with what the next season needs. 

Just the way my week runs Wednesday comes along and it's has become a day of self care...morning journal writing, reading some affirmative words of wisdom, eating a good breakfast and working on the body and all the task at hand.  Then when venturing out into the wide world around me I bring this attitude of seeing and believing. Be it a regrouping day or what I'm not that's it for now. Off to tend to what's most important....Me for a change.

A bit of find this morning...Only if I was a speed reader a book on tape would be nice...I just can never keep up with my list of reading material....this looks good.  The Artistic Edge. 


  1. Hello Laura...

    great idea - a selfcare day!
    And yes I will also never be able to read all the stuff I am interesting

    Love those fabulous dogs below!

  2. Oh my four legged loves....and now we have two cats too...both rescues.

  3. THAT green is so peaceful!

    1. it will return...Green is a sign of Hope...


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