Our New Adopted Pet came today

 This is Andy the alley Cat...he's not met Sophie our Blender kitty as she looks like all her colors were put in a blender and swirled around...nothing matches...but she's loved just like Andy will be.
 Here's Hank the Big Black boy...sniffing Andy.. Hank's Nose is almost as big as Andy.

 I took the card and opened it, then Hank rested is gentle head on Andy to keep him warm.
Carl, knows when new four legged critters come into the house that he's best be behaving....He ends up being very protective of them...Good Daddy dog.  The Little story of Andy's Journey started here. 


  1. What does Violet think?

    1. Oh honey...violet pass a couple of years ago...and we now have Sophie...the Blender kitty.

  2. Yay! Looks like Andy's getting lots of love and acceptance! Was hoping you might find use for the old pattern in one of your collages. It's one of my favorite papers to incorporate. ;)

    1. the papers is stashed in the studio...or Sophie likes to lick paper and tissue and dress pattern is her favor...I find all these little balled up ends on the paper...and torn spot....hmmm must have been Sophie.


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