Day 2 and final pieces Elmhurst Art Museum

 Jeanine and Lori
 Carole  missed her table mate...Linda..where did she go...?

 Noreen...our Soon to be Cowgirl...
 Image of the work produces

 Everyone one getting closer look at the collage pieces.
 Nice Group photo... Super group~
Demo Piece...Noreen inspired us all with her story the young we ran with that story...and how the cowboy dreams of 4 cowgirls and hits every circuit and is not a stranger to the rodeo's....had a good chuckle... 


  1. What a terrific series of pictures showing what everybody is doing. Looked like a fun workshop.

  2. They are all so wonderful and inspiring! Love all the colors!

  3. Looks to be a very successful workshop as usual!

  4. Oh the colors I've watched as they were making the papers looked so great, And some awesome work too.


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