Wednesday, November 08, 2017

Play date in the studio.....

I'm to be coating papers and getting them read for class... but I have a tall piece waiting for the black paper.   So I did it in black and blue with the shinny gift bags...and some sand papers

 Art Van's Wonderland ad that came in the mail the other day...I liked the size of it and as I thumbed through it I remember seeing some thing on facebook and I can't find it now but using a magazine and drilling holes in and string it together to keep in a book form and using the citra solv and then making it into a art journal.
 As I started I couldn't stop the instant of the black inks smearing and bubbling on the surface had me.  and I did the whole ad...took a while but now I have all these cool papers. Though Mostly on the dark gray side...still loving them.
I guess I have the whole house sticking like citrus....don't know what I'll do with them and at this point it's all about doing and playing around...I so need a day like this. Well now its time to coat more was what I was suppose to be doing....side tracked.

Found it!!!


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