Saturday, January 28, 2017

Ramblings....of words what's the truth?

This morning as I reconnect and spend a bit of time reading my spiritual stuff....I kept hearing the words...Bully...just a Bully that's all....scared and controlling.

The last few years..well maybe 10 at that the school systems have been working with the bullying aspect of how some are treated and how to handle it.

And the word Big Bullies....allowing Big Bullies to direct this country.

and then I read about all the protest...mostly peaceful standing up for human rights and future generation and this protest have been mainly started by the woman....and others see the truth and march too... in peaceful protest.

My other readings seem to be guiding me with the wisdom of elderwomen and how mirror and nurture as Mother Earth has been to us, we are guided in turn to carry on this for the good of all people into the future....sure nothing last forever but my gosh do we have fast and fury it to it's death as of life on this earth...No...people don't really want this I believe...we might be forced to take a deeper look then every before with the way this sort of bullying is playing a part in our lives now..

Standing up to what scares you and what you fear does take great courage but when it's not for you along and for the betterment of all..theirs an inner power stronger then one single bully.

OK... I will empower myself to be the change I need to be with in myself and community... and continue to educate myself and grow in mind, body and soul....

Got this list from Yes! Magazine

10 movies of woman movement and empowerment that can keep one inspired after the March this month. ...Just watched No. 9 with the husband the other week. But plan on looking into these for my own interests.

1. 20th Century Woman 2016
2. Mustang 2015
3. Whale Rider 2002
4. Miss Representation 2011
5. Sister in law  2005
6. Frida  2002
7. Hunter Game-Mocking Jay 2014 (seen this one)
8. Saving Face 2004
9. Mad Max Fury Road 2015(seen this one)
10. Boy Don't Cry 1999

I didn't go to Chicago to join the woman, men and children for the march this month...feeling a bit guilty I didn't go, kind of or some what but I'm not going to let that eat me up....I thought about all the other people I seen on facebook there and the ones that I knew were going and heard their stories.  I was praying good thoughts for them and for my job was to stand and support those that did walk and be here waiting to listen intently to their experience about the moment.  and I just hear amazing Awe about the whole wonderful.

Again just some ramblings that need to come up and out with some words today...usually I let it come out in my collage this morning thoughts.

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