Thursday, November 10, 2016

My First Collage, New Classes for New Year

Today I'm closing down a 6 week on line class of independent collage study with 5 students.  It's been an amazing journey.  It's brought me back to my first class and starting off with stuff I've saved for what reason I didn't know but it was saved.  The class was called Keepsake Collage, my instructor and I have to say mentor was JoAnn Deck, who has since passed on.

 JoAnn's Work which I have a picture of her holding this piece smiling big hanging on my wall next to where I work.
JoAnn Deck  

I remember starting off in and it felt good to be away from the family and with people that could hold a conversation with me.  I know I had troubles with that but in no time warmed up was an adult again. It felt good to be sitting in a room of other similar people seeking creative time to self express. 

The class was only 4 weeks long but it started something in me that I didn't realize till that time I was meant to do it...I didn't give up and kept it up with many ups and downs and days I wanted to quiet and get a regular job...which at this point of doing it for 21 years I have out worked another job and seem to only now this.  Gluing papers, some hand made and some re-purposed and trusting in judgment and spirit about what needs to be expressed or said.  

Still working with papers, paints and other mixed media tools and Gem's of the trade I have two classes coming up to Start off  the New Year.  Take a look at them and see if this might a totally new way to look at a new year.  

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